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I lost access to my Two Factor Authentication device, what do I do?

First of all, it is of course incredibly annoying that you have lost access to your device. We are happy to help you restore your account but we will do so very carefully. Because the TOTP code gives a lot of power to change your services, websites and domain names with potentially catastrophic consequences, we proceed as follows. You submit a request to restore your account online via our contact form, via our live chat, via ticket, via WhatsApp or via Telegram. Under no circumstances use email, these messages can be more easily intercepted. In this request, you should note at least the following details: - First and Last Name - Company Name (if applicable) - Email address - Address Details (Street + Number, Postcode, City and Country) - Phone Number In addition, we ask you to attach an invoice you have received from us in the past. If you have not received an invoice before, please mention this in the message. It also helps to attach data by which we can recognise your account such as an (active) domain name or previous correspondence. The moment we receive the above data from you, we validate it against the data known to us. We do not describe exactly how this process works for security reasons. However, you may hear from us to confirm that you have made a request to restore your account. You can expect this message on email, SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram. This depends on the details known to us. If we have not validated your phone number before we may send you a letter by post with a code that you need to provide to us. If this applies to you, you will hear from us. We understand that this looks like a long, complicated procedure. However, we do this to ensure your continued security. In most cases, we can give you access to your account again within two days.

Last updated on May 08, 2023