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How do I secure my account?

Last updated on Nov 11, 2023

We are happy to help you better secure your account with us. Follow the instructions step by step to ensure a rock-solid account. We now support passkeys! Even more secure than 2FA but more user friendly. Never use a password ever again!

Setup a strong password

The most important step in making your account secure is setting a strong and unique password. It is highly discouraged to use passwords in more than one place. Therefore, use a new and unique password for Proxeuse that is best saved in a password manager. You can change your password in the settings of the authentication platform found at auth.proxeuse.com.

Setup 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

Then, of course, if malicious people do manage to crack your password, you want to prevent them from logging in. You can accomplish that by enabling two-part authentication. You then need a special code in addition to your password that you receive on your phone. By enabling this malicious people will need to know your password, have physical access to your phone and your fingerprint or face. We'll explain how te enable 2FA in this article.

Setup Passkeys

Passkeys are the future. They allow you to securely login to services without ever needing a password. We are an early adopter but have made the technology available to everyone. In this article we explain what passkeys and WebAuthn are and in this article we explain how te enable it.