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Use Laravel Jetstream with Bootstrap

Last updated on Nov 08, 2023

Originally published on 3 January 2021.

Laravel 8 contains an excellent authentication application called Jetstream, however many users were surprised that they can no longer work (out of the box) with Bootstrap. Fortunately, there is a possibility to combine Jetstream with Bootstrap through nascent-africa. However, we were not satisfied enough with this package so we decided to make our own package for Fortify (the backend of Jetstream).


Before introducing our package, let me thank zacksmash for offering a simple base for Fortify. FortifyUI, as the package is called, installs Fortify for you and configures the most important settings.

Fortify x Bootstrap (Tabler)

Our free package hosted on GitHub allows any Laravel developer to set up a fully functional Laravel application with authentication using just two commands. The package does not use Boostrap itself but Tabler, a framework based on Bootstrap. This gives you a better layout but maintains the simplicity and speed of Bootstrap. The latest version of our package includes a version of Tabler that is technically the same as Bootstrap 5 and therefore also includes the advantages of Bootstrap 5.

Below is a brief installation guide for the package.

  1. Connect to your server using SSH

  2. Run the composer create-project laravel/laravel appname command

  3. After the successful installation require our package using the following command: composer require proxeuse/fortify-tabler

  4. When the download is completed run the php artisan fortify-ui:tabler command to start the installer. Walkthrough the installer and run php artisan migrate afterwards.

  5. Done! You’ve successfully installed the Proxeuse/Fortify-Tabler package.

More information will be added to this page shortly. At the moment, detailed installation instructions and awnsers to the most asked questions can be found on GitHub.


Login Screen

Password Reset

Profile Edit Page

Public Registration Page

Two Factor Authentication Page

Re-confirm Password Page