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Can't find the answer for your Plesk question?

Last updated on May 08, 2023

Haven't you been able to find the answer to your question regarding your Plesk hosting package in our help center? Don't worry! There are other ways to find the answer.

  1. 📑 Read or search in the official Plesk customer documentation. A lot of, if not all, features that Plesk has to offer are described in here. It is available in English, German (Deutsch), Spannish (Español), French (Français), Italian (Italiano), Dutch (Nederlands), Japanese (日本語), Russian (Русский), Chinese (简体中文) and Traditional Chinese (繁體中文).

  2. 🫶 Check whether the Plesk support site has the answer to your question. Another Plesk user might have had the same question or problem.

  3. 💬 Take a look online for an answer. Plesk has a massive community which is active on Stack Overflow, the Plesk forum and the Plesk Online Community on Facebook. You might as well find an answer to your question by putting out a search on Google.

  4. ☎️ Contact our support department. They are experts on Plesk and can most likely answer your question properly. If not, we will transfer your question to the Plesk team itself. You are always guaranteed an answer to your question.

  5. 🤖⛔ Ask the question to an artificial intelligence bot like ChatGPT. Just kidding, please don't do this yet. The bots are not qualified and trained enough to answer your question correctly and safely. If you still ask your question to the AI, be aware of the risks.