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How to login to Plesk?

Last updated on May 08, 2023

There are several ways to log in (automatically) to Plesk. In this article, we will discuss the method via the old or new customer portal and look at the Plesk login page itself. These are the two most straightforward options. We are aware that there are more ways to log in, for example through social login or the CLI. However, these are beyond the scope of this help article.

Login via customer portal

The main reason why we let you log into Plesk via the customer portal is because you will only need to remember one set of email and password. Please select whether you are using the new (≥2023) or old (≤2023) portal.

New portal

We launched a new customer portal in early 2023. With this, we aim to enhance user experience and convenience. In the new version of the portal, you will find a button to log into Plesk with a single click. Follow the steps to reach this button.

  1. Go to portal.proxeuse.com and login using your known user account. Authenticate and allow the portal to access your data if this is the first time logging in to the new portal. You might have to select the account for which you would like to access your services.

  2. When successfully logged in, go to your services. They are reachable via the "Services" button in the header.

  3. Locate the Plesk hosting service for which you would like to log in. Generally, you can choose any Plesk hosting package in the list because it is always attached to a single account in Plesk. Click the package in the list, an overview will now appear below it.

  4. You will see a green "Login to Plesk" button. Click this button to log into Plesk directly.

  5. You have succesfully logged in to Plesk for the desired hosting account. You might need to enter your 2FA token if you have enabled Two Factor Authentication before.

Is the button greyed out? Then an error occured while retrieving your package in Plesk. Please contact customer support to have this fixed.

Old portal

In early 2023, we launched a new version of the customer portal. As not all functions are yet immediately available in this new portal, the old portal will remain online for the time being. Please note that it is expected that the old portal will be closed by the end of 2023. In the old portal, you can also log into Plesk via a single click, just take the following steps.

  1. Go to my.proxeuse.com and login with your user account. Enter your 2FA when requested. Select the correct account when prompted.

  2. Navigate to the "Services" page by using the button in the menu or pressing the button on the homepage.

  3. Locate the desired Plesk hosting package. You might have to use the search bar or navigation buttons if you have a lot of services.

  4. Press the desired Plesk hosting package but make sure to not press the URL. It will open the website instead of the details for the package.

  5. A new page will open with all details about the Plesk package. In the left menu, a button "Log in to Plesk" will apear. You may use this button to login to Plesk.

  6. You have succesfully logged in to Plesk for the desired hosting account. You might need to enter your 2FA token if you have enabled Two Factor Authentication before.

Login via regular Plesk authentication

After ordering a Plesk hosting package, you will receive an email from us with the following information, among others: Plesk server address and username. You will need these two details to log in this way. Do you have access to these details? Then follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Plesk server address in your browser. The Plesk login page for your server should appear. If it does not, append :8443 to the URL. The new URL will look like this for example: https://plesk.proxeuse-example.com:8443.

  2. The Plesk login page asks you to enter your username and password. If you have never used this way of authenticating, you should use the "Forgot your password?" functionality. You can also (re)set the password via the functionality in the new customer portal.

  3. Once you have entered the correct credentials, press Log in to login. If you have enabled Two Factor Authentication you will be prompted to enter your one time token. Otherwise, you are succesfully logged in.