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Do you support IDN domains?

Last updated on May 08, 2023

Yes we do! Internationalized Domain Names (abbreviated to IDN) are incredibly useful for representing non-latin characters in a domain name. It allows people around the world to use characters from their local language in a domain name. We are happy to participate in that.

A few examples of IDNs for some frequently used TLDs:

You may receive a message in the order form which states that IDN domains are not supported at the moment. This is a bug in the ordering system. Please contact our support team, they will be able to register your domain any way.


  • Not every registry supports IDNs. If an IDN is not supported, this will be shown in the domain checker.

  • We prohibit the use of emojis in domain names according to the RFC 5892 standard. See what the risks of using emojis in domain names are in this infographic.

  • We may use Punycode and Unicode domain names interchangeably in our systems and communications.